Franke Filter Taps

Franke Filter Taps

Why not have filtered water on tap with the Franke FilterFlow range?

A Franke FilterFlow Tap gives you filtered water on tap just by turning it on.

The water is delivered the water is delivered via the tap spout from an advanced ceramic filter installed under the sink in a slim housing. The cartridge itself is easy to change - just undo the housing, pull old one out, put new one in and close filter unit.

With a FilterFlow Tap there are no filter jugs or bottles of water taking up space in the fridge or elsewhere. And because the filter is in place, you save money against even supermarket own brand water.

FilterFlow Taps are available in modern and traditional styles, so you can pick one to match your kitchen. There is also a separate hand rinse option (not filtered), making it easy to rinse items; vegetables, plates etc.

If you don't want to change your existing kitchen tap, or prefer to have the filtered water separate, say for a bar sink, then look at the FilterFlow Mini which is a standalone tap dispensing just filtered water.

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Prices from £400.95

All Sinks & Taps have our 100% No Risk Guarantee giving you 6 months, not the standard 7 Days to return any non fitted sink or tap for a Full Refund even if you just change your mind.

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